Our plans for the future are centred around two key concepts: community and speed.

Cybrilla is often asked to help out on projects which need a rapid turnaround. For startups, speed can mean the difference between life and death.

We take these requests seriously. That's why in 2017 we'll be making some big investments in automation, to provide an even shorter turnaround time for our clients.

We believe communities can be a wonderful force for good – we'd certainly be nowhere without ours. As a result, we're going to double down on our contributions to the wonderful tech communities we're a part of.


We're guided by a few key principles which we've refined over the years. They're our manifesto for building a great company and doing the best work of our lives.

Software development is an art

Developers are artists, and can't be expected to produce great work under constant pressure. To build great products, they need an open environment where they're encouraged to take risks.

Agile development for the best client outcome

We live and breathe agile development, which encourages short and frequent iterations. This keeps the client involved every step of the way, ensuring they get the exact product they need.

Employees are humans, not resources

'Human Resources' is a poisonous term. Employees are real human beings, not numbers on a spreadsheet. They should be treated with respect, care and dignity. Not squeezed for every last drop of work.

Transparency as a hiring principle

New hires who feel oversold on working for a company won't stick around for long. So when we tell potential hires what it's like to work for us, we make sure we're completely and utterly transparent. No surprises.

Not all clients will be a good fit, and that's okay

We take the time to make sure agile approach will be a good fit for the client before their project gets under way. Doing so saves us both time and money if we won't be a good fit.

We owe everything to the community

Successful companies are built on top of passionate, supportive communities that supported them from day one. We're no different, and that's why we give so much back to the development community.


Our cofounders, Satish and Anchal, met while they were working as developers at OnMobile. They'd always dreamed of doing their own thing, so in 2009 they quit their jobs to start a software product company together.

They launched two products that year, but neither worked out due to various reasons. Undeterred, they soon started a third, more ambitious project which would require extra developers to get off the ground.

Struggling to find a
product-literate firm

They interviewed development shops all over Bangalore, but none were up to the task. Their technical skills as a whole were sub par, and they hardly gave a second thought to the product or its business impact.

The pair soon realised this was a gap in the market they could fill themselves. If they were struggling to find a technically strong firm that “gets” products and the problems they're built to solve, surely others were too?

Filling the need with Cybrilla

The Bangalore startup scene was starting to take off at the time, and after speaking to a few potential clients they were quickly inundated with work. Before long they hired their first two employees, and just like that Cybrilla the company was born.

our offering

While we enjoyed some early success, our service offering was initially limited to back-end Ruby on Rails development. As a result, we were limited in the amount of value we could provide to our clients. So we decided to refine our approach.

We soon hired designers, product managers and mobile developers so that we could provide an end-to-end service for our clients. They could come to us with an idea and trust us to handle the entire project from start to finish.

Hitting a

Our refined service offering meant that by 2013, we could start working on larger projects for international clients. Taking on international clients put Cybrilla on the growth curve we're still riding out to this day.

Ever since then we've been welcoming multiple new clients and team members every single month. Whether you'd like to work for us or hire us, we'd love to hear from you too.


We only hire people who truly care about their craft and have friendly, no-ego attitudes. Our employees are great at what they do, but they're also exceptional people.


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