Party at Work..Why Not!

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In sync with our policy of celebrating all major festivals and even minor successes, we celebrated Diwali at our ‘Nice View’ office. Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights is celebrated in verve by lighting Diyas (earthen clay shells with a lighted wick) to signify the triumph of good over evil. Staying true to the spirit of Celebrilla errr Cybrilla, Diwali Party was a congenial affair.

At Cybrilla, we have a vibrant culture that celebrates festivals from across the country. Diwali Party shed light on it through a 100 LED’s as we avoid Diyas and crackers for the love of environment.

From adoring the floor with a beautiful Rangoli, the walls and tables with garlands and flowers to dressing in ethnic Indian wear to ordering everything that is otherwise cooked at home(Yes! we took a few shortcuts). All stomachs looked convex after having been stuffed with Gol Gappas and other delicacies.

The lack of sound of fireworks was soon replaced by the Cyborgs on dance floor who went all footloose dancing to the top charts. The cherry on the cake was the solo performance of Satish Perala, our CEO, who set the bar high for upcoming dance events. It was amazing to see an otherwise code filled evening progress into an amazing night of Cyborg get together. The Diwali Party was yet another gem we would preserve in our memories.

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