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“How to make your office creative? Caution DIY ahead! “

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Meanwhile in India and in everywhere else, Internet of Things (IOT) has  been the most discussed technology of this decade. The obsession went to a new level with the IOT trend.

But wait! We are not one of those who moves with the trend. We follow our own, WITH SWAG.


When we moved to our new workspace, we were happy, energized and excited. Trust me, this new space plays an important role in making CYBORG’s come to office regularly and sign in their presence in the attendance register.

Wait? What Attendance register? Yes, we were missing those sci-fi  bio-metric attendance system in our office which was trending then in almost every offices in India and here we felt the necessity of getting an attendance machine. But, as I said “We are not one of those who moves with the trend. We follow our own, WITH SWAG” thus the birth of an idea took place and we thought of creating such system by ourself.


It all began when Mr Kunal Singh aka Kunaldo (as called by the machine) had this vision of creating our own sci-fi smart RFID based attendance system. So what next? As we have a idea now, it was the time to search for the heart that will live up the machine. We came up with few options but after understanding the complexity of our system, we found our hero in “Raspberry-Pi” (the credit card size computer) and ordered it from amazon and started exploring it with other modules as RFID Scanner, Matrix sized keyboard, Speaker and LCD. As Kunal also leads the app development team in Cybrilla he had his other works too. While building the system side by side along with his traditional office work, it took him almost a month to make the system breathe, sense and talk. His smart system scans RFID, identifies cyborg and even speaks out their name in order to mark their attendance.



After the compilation of the system we were confused about how to shape the system so that it looks more creative and becomes more handy to handle. After a session of brainstorming, Punith aka “The Designer Cyborg” came up with a solution. He left office with his smartphone which is only used to book a cab and went for the quest of the “Vintage Coin PCO Box” after a long search (not in google but in the local streets of Bangalore) and longer UBER bills he finally found what he was searching for, “the Vintage Coin PCO Box” and thus we found the IDENTITY for the Identity Machine.


It seemed that the wait was going to get finally over and thus there was a sudden rise in the adrenaline levels of other cyborgs too. We all were excited for the attendance system and more for our new ID Cards, which was technically going to be our first ID Card in last six years.

On 1st of Aug we made the new smart system replace the existing traditional register  and trust me the smile that bloomed in every other cyborgs was undepictable and this also added on the list of Why we love to work in Cybrilla?

And at the end, Kunaldo was crowned with million dollar smiles and satisfaction.Cybrilla_DIY_002