The new beginning

After a long wait (6 months i believe), things started falling in place starting with an awesome new office. We are really excited about this place as much as we are excited about our work.

The two things which we like about the place are


This place allows ample amount of sunlight to come in. That keeps the office area well lit always, which I believe improves the work efficiency (I’ll post numbers as we gather some)

Cybrilla office with ample sunlight

Roof Terrace

The roof terrace is an open air terrace which we use for our daily lunches, weekend parties, rejuvenating ourselves between work and of course for stand-up meetings some time. This multipurpose area is where we spend most of our time in the office.

Cybrilla office roof terrace

Here’s what our team has to say

Photogenic, day in day out, and beautiful in the evening, its my window.

I feel like being in the office all the time.

This office symbolizes the silicon valley startup offices which I always dreamed of.

Best workplace I have ever worked at.

With this new workplace, we are hoping to improve our team efficiency and in turn the service to our customers.