Senior Developer - Web Applications (Node.js)


About the Role

The primary responsibility of this role is to write, develop and implement web-based server side programming to support business requirements.
We are looking for a passionate engineer who can design and develop backend applications that are highly robust and scalable. The person is an excellent problem solver with strong technical knowledge in Node.js and other Javascript frameworks.
Be it Payment Gateway Aggregation, Bill Payments, Payroll, Digital Lending, Insurance advisory, RoboAdvisory for mutual funds, Various products like ECom, Logistics in B2B and B2C space, we have done it all. We have turned multiple ideas into successful products across the globe.
You might be the person to write the first line of code for the next unicorn!

Know your responsibilities

Application development is the core area of work.

  • Responsible for writing server-side web application/business logic.
  • Develop new user-facing features
  • Work with the existing applications and help evolve it by building reusable code and libraries
  • Optimize applications for performance and scalability
  • Collaborate with other team members
  • Competent with MySQL, Postgres and MongoDB databases
  • Experience in scaling large high transaction volume web services

Who you should be?

  • Programming experience : 5+
  • Strong understanding of Node JS & ES6
  • Have experience designing and building large scalable web services.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of database technologies (SQL and NoSQL)
  • Have experience building RESTful APIs and have good knowledge of RESTful design patterns.
  • Be able to communicate and work well within a team
  • Brownie points if you have worked on Typescript & Nest.js

Apart from all these we look forward to High level of ownership, entrepreneurial mindset and high learning quotient. “Getting things done” is the mantra! We are looking for passionate engineers who can design and develop backend applications that are highly robust and scalable.

Culture @ Cybrilla

We are the Cyborgs, we are quirky, weird and lovable.

Cyborgs believe in a flat organization structure, continuous learning and in giving back to the tech community. We share our gyan on a weekly basis via our Mangalvaari Gyan sessions.

We are notorious in our neighbourhood for excessive partying. As if this were not enough we indulge ourselves in Hackathons, gaming nights, and quarterly company trips and spoil ourselves.

What you get?

  • Solve interesting and challenging problems.
  • An opportunity to meet and work with best brains in technology and influencers.
  • Increasing your geek quotient, by attending meetups and conferences. Yes we dig that stuff.
  • Grow exponentially by working in small and transparent teams.
  • Unlimited learning and hobby-time to experiment with new things.
  • Hep and happening social life, who says you can’t make friends at work.