Agile development workshop

We get you and your team achieve speed with our agile development approach. You'll learn exactly what to expect, once development is under way and get to know the relevant terminologies. We also agree on a delivery framework such as scrum or XP during this phase.

Product workshop

We discuss the business problem behind your project and the impact it will have on your company. This helps us prioritise feature delivery based on their importance to you, making sure you get maximum value in the shortest time possible.

Physical environment setup

The team working on your project gets its own physical space. This comes complete with product details, a scrum board and your company swag. Giving teams their own space keeps them focused on your product and your product alone, maximising productivity.


We're huge proponents of TDD and microservices, so your product will be well-tested and highly scalable from the get-go. It's important that you're kept in the loop, so we invite you to take part in our weekly stand ups and give you access to all of our internal project management tools.

Continuous feedback

We seek continuous feedback from our clients during entire development cycle. This helps us to maintain clients' desirability as well as eliminates the last moment critical changes.