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Algorithmic Mutual Fund Investment

The founders of ScripBox needed to hit the market ASAP with a product that required 3-4 major 3rd party integrations. One was a payment gateway aggregator BillDesk. The other being a banking backend office system. Another being a support client delivery system for their own internal use.

Location Aware iBeacon Based
App Builder System

When Rick first explained the Omveria's concept to us we remember thinking if we would be able to pull this one off or not? Creating an app engine is not too easy, let alone making it SaaS based, enable a WYSIWYG editor for app creation and integrate custom iBeacons across apps.

We worked with the Omveria team to come up with a minimalistic user interface to deliver this app on iOS and Android. We are constantly trying to push limits of the tech available to us with Omveria.

Financial Calls Aggregrator

EarningsCast would like to help investors be better informed with easier access to company conference calls and also engage in meaningful commentary around the call. They needed a complete tech team to handle their project completely.

Sports for all

Decathlon is a well known international sports retailer with multiple stores across the country. Each store operates like an independent business and can have their own events, promotions and sales. They wanted an app for users to connect with their stores directly.

We worked with their team to create a native Android app, iterated on the UX and usability and integrated with their backend systems. Was great fun solving a problem we as regular Decathlon customers faced frequently.

Web application design, development and deployment for International Operators

We coded this application in Ruby on Rails to have the quickest turn around time. Mysql was used as the database and it was hosted on AWS. Security features were implemented strongly as this is a financial application.

Private cloud installation for Research

DRDO has a multiple core HPC grid where the organizations scientists push their analyses onto. DRDO being the largest research organization in the subcontinent they have a considerably large team of elite scientists. Due to the numnber of analyses pushed on to the grid it would always end up getting overloaded. The time taken and cost of expanding an HPC grid is quite high. Which is why DRDO wanted another more easily scalable solution to this growing problem.

This was solved by creating a private cloud. The cloud not only allowed easy addition of machines for scaling, but it also allowed machines of almost any configuration to be added on to the system. This allowed us to put a lot of idle machines they had lying around to use. Work is now going on to try and connect the HPC grid to the priavte cloud.


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