Transform your AMC into a fintech

Our AMC middleware handles the domain, technology & regulatory complexities; while you focus on enabling great experiences for your customers.

Cybilla's focus is to build financial infrastructure that powers AMCs towards solving their customer's problems. We help AMCs with their digital transformation journey, by taking into account the nuances of their target audience. This is achieved by powering & scaling a variety of use cases & interfaces via API first features. These use cases work for different segments of users (investors, partners, sales, marketing, analysts, etc). Our middleware ultimately help solve business problems like acqusition, conversion & retention.

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Distribute mutual funds online in just 3 weeks

The cloud based platform as a service (PaaS) simplifies the complexities of the Indian financial ecosystem into APIs. The domain, regulatory and technology complexity have been modularized into building blocks, which provide functionality through simple APIs.

Fintech startups / wealth management businesses can mix and match these APIs to build awesome experiences, serving their customers better.

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