Robust Architecture to Scale Your Business

Our code is beautiful (and yet hard to break) and develop environments for deployment like development, staging and production, thereby fastening the development process. Some of our favourite frameworks are Ruby, ROR, ReactJS, Angular, Backbone and AWS.

We recently dabbled in projects ranging from Robo Advisor to making deep integration with social media portals to creating multi currency payment gateway. At present, our fingers are dipped in global products for IoT in Retail, Augmented Reality in Banking, Social Networking for Celebs and a lot of Fin-tech.

Iterative Design &

Our methodologies employ best practices to devise mature and flexible product roadmap. We optimise effort and cost by leveraging on open source platform and tools. Our processes follow a data driven approach leading to heavy use of analytics and putting facts before assumptions.

To achieve perfection we "just ship it" than procrastinate, only to gather data and perform iterations. This helps our clients make multiple course corrections and not get locked by binding agreement.


We build highly scalable products that scale from 0 to Million+ with ease. We can also suggest changes to make the existing web architecture more scalable. We're big advocates of micro-services and all of the scaling benefits it brings.


Our maintenance plans are devised to reduce the cost of maintenance and staying on track with technical updates. Each maintenance plan is custom made based on the product, type of support needed, SLAs and the target audience. Our goal is to make sure the end customers have a great experience, even on a evolving product.

Performance &
Security Testing

We run a range of load, performance and security tests against your product to make sure it'll scale well & stay secure out in the open.

Regular Code Audits

We perform code audits on a regular basis to ensure no security glitches exist.

We work with you to co-develop go-to-market strategies, timelines and budgets for your application We also help you develop a rollout plan within weeks.

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