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(Hindi भेलपूरी, Marathi भेळ)

A product of random stuff thrown together to create a quick yet elegant solution. Epitomizes a cheap works-for-all solution for the masses.

Servings :

An entire nation which frequently limps itself into the list of fastest growing economies.

Ingredients :

a.) A nation with the 2nd largest number of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and Entrepreneurs on the planet

b.) An ecosystem, more than 60% of which comprises of SMEs

c.) A system made to favor large corporates and squeeze the SMEs

d.) A run of the mill corporate

e.) Bunch of psychotic demented penniless yet strangely motivated software enthusiasts

f.) No Money, No Reputation, No Strings to pull …. NO FEAR

g.) A Vision

Directions :

1.) Take (e) and let them fry in (d) till they start doubting their very existence.

2.) Now take (a) in a bowl and slice it into 28 slices (or more if you feel the need)

3.) Mix the pieces of (a) with a generous dose of (b).

4.) To the mixture of (a) and (b) add a pinch of (c). Toss the mixture a few times to even it out. This will be the base.

5.) By now (e) would have turned a rich golden brown with frustration and lack of meaning in their lives. (e) would probably be trying to jump out of (d).

6.) Take (e) out (before they fry their brains off) and add a good amount of spicy (f) to them.

7.) Add the spiced up (e) to the main base now.

8.) Mix them well to allow (e) to garner a feel of the magnitude of work needed to be done.

9.) Garnish with a great (g) and serve!

Nutritional Information :

If served with enough zest

-can put our SME segment on some serious tech steroids

-Equip the currently bicycle like running businesses with nuclear engines

-Eventually propel the economy into the high performance high efficiency orbit

For best results :

Serve to as many as possible!