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Creating Your First Gem is Easy…

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Many of us used of so many gems in ruby, so lets try to create a basic gem.
Simple, We just have to generate two files to create your own gem.

Step1: Create a gemspec.
Create a gemspec file inside root directory, file-name should be same as your gem name (Eg: In our case its greeting_gem.gemspec)

– Specify your gem specifications

Step2: Add some code.
Create a greeting_gem.rb file in lib folder

Step 3: Generate gem file.

This command will build the gem, which can be used in another ruby program.

Step 4: Test the gem.
gem install greeting_gem, to install the gem locally to test it out.
open irb
>> require ‘greeting_gem’
=> true
>> GreetingGem.greeting(‘sravani’)
Hello sravani

Isn’t it simple!
Add as many methods you want in the same way and move on to bigger things.