About Us - Cybrilla

Cybrilla Technologies is a seasoned player in the Indian Finance Infra Space with a decade-long commitment to excellence in mutual funds. Recently accredited by SEBI as a Category 1 Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA), we offer a range of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of the financial industry.

With a proven track record, Cybrilla has been instrumental in developing leading mutual fund platforms such as Scripbox and Upstox. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we transitioned to providing finance APIs designed specifically for mutual fund distributors, empowering them with seamless integration and enhanced operational efficiency.

Following the grant of our SEBI license, Cybrilla now intends to serve as an RTA for Asset Management Companies (AMCs) and their investors. Our mission is to facilitate transparent and hassle-free transactions, ensuring a smooth experience for all stakeholders involved. Additionally, we extend our services as a Corporate RTA, offering comprehensive solutions to businesses of all sizes for managing their shareholder records effectively.

At Cybrilla, our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. We are committed to delivering practical and reliable solutions that drive success for our clients in the dynamic landscape of the Indian financial market.